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About Us

In 2015, Los Angeles native, Karen Qualls began seeing a rheumatoid doctor after being diagnosed with ANA, an autoimmune disease that attacks the body’s organs and tissues. She tired of taking medicine and soon made the courageous decision to change her diet. Karen stayed committed to her new lifestyle and her body showed thanks through its healing. She learned that by eliminating processed foods from her diet and incorporating wholesome foods and juices, she experienced less pain.

This turn of events would spark the idea for 50/50 Juice Lounge, a café founded on the idea of being a spiritually uplifting place for community members to easily access healthy meals. “Being a longtime resident of this neighborhood, this area is a food desert. There are a lot of dialysis centers, liquor stores, and fast food restaurants but there aren’t many healthy eating options. I wanted to change that,” Karen passionately stated.

50/50 Juice Lounge was created on the principles of being a one-stop shop for community members to easily grab breakfast, uniquely crafted fruit bowls, juices, smoothies and more while also providing education on the benefits of the food being served. For more information about the mission behind 50/50 Juice Lounge, visit the blogs to learn more about healthy living.